2. At the time of the signing of this agreement, the European Economic Area, the pre-accession agreements with the European Union, the CARICOM internal market and businesses, as well as the free trade agreement of the Republic of Caricom Dominica, are considered to be covered by this exception. 5. Major suppliers make their interconnection agreements or their reference offers available to the public. (d) technical assistance, conferences, seminars, exchange visits, prospects for industrial and technical opportunities, participation in general and sectoral roundtables and fairs; 17. “Compensation” in public procurement is all conditions or undertakings that promote local development or improve the balance of payments, such as the use of national content, licensing of technology, investment, counter-exchange and other similar measures. The parties agree to consider extending this agreement to extend and complete its scope in accordance with their respective legislation, amend it or enter into agreements on certain sectors or activities, taking into account the experience gained in its implementation. Contracting parties may also consider revising this agreement with a view to including overseas countries and territories associated with the European Community in the scope of this agreement. CONSCIENTS of improving their economic relations, in particular trade and investment flows, as well as establishing and improving the current level of preferential access of the Cariforum States to the European Community; The EC party and the signatory Cariforum States recognise the need for a clear legal framework for trademark holders who wish to use their trademarks on the internet and participate in the development of e-commerce, which contains provisions on whether the use of a sign on the internet has contributed to the acquisition or counterfeiting of a trademark or whether such use constitutes unfair competition. , and a provision of remedies. In this context, the EC party and the signatory Cariforum States are working to implement the joint recommendation on trademark protection and other industrial property rights on the internet, as adopted by WIPO at the 36th session of WIPO Member States` assemblies from 24 September to 3 October 2001.

(b) improving the export capacity of service providers in the Cariforum signatory states, with particular attention to the marketing of tourism and cultural services, the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, franchising and the negotiation of mutual recognition agreements; The parties agree that cooperation between national and regional authorities responsible for standardization, accreditation and other technical barriers to trade is important to facilitate both intra-regional and trade between the parties and the overall process of regional integration of the Cariforum, and commit to cooperating in this regard. (d) improving the capacity of the Cariforum States in terms of trade and trade policy; (f) ensure that their customs rules and related requirements and practices are in line with best practices and remain as unrestricted as possible. (d) the development of codes of conduct by commercial or professional organisations or by professional organisations or behavioural organisations that contribute to the application of intellectual property rights in consultation with the competent authorities of the parties and the signatory states of CARIFORUM.