The Polish and Ukrainian transport network managers – gazoci`g`w Przesy-owych GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine” intend to conclude a new interconnection agreement for gas transfer via the GAZ-SYSTEM/TSOUA connection point, based on the Hermanowice and Drozdowicze petrol stations. The agreement was outlined hours after US President Donald Trump passed sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany. Upon consultation, GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine” will evaluate the responses received during the consultation and will take into account the feedback of network users when concluding a aforementioned interconnection agreement. Russia and Ukraine reached an “agreement in principle” on Thursday to continue the transit of Russian gas through Ukrainian territory. Representatives of Russia and Ukraine met in Berlin for “very intense negotiations” on the 10-year gas deal, which expires in two weeks. However, the terms of the agreement are not yet clear. According to the European Union (EU) official, the agreement covered “all the key elements” and said it was “very good news and very positive for Europe, for Russia, for Ukraine, for the gas markets and for the citizens of all countries”. The draft conference agreement and the comment notification form can be downloaded from the market consultation section.

“After these very intense discussions, I am very pleased to be able to say that we have reached an agreement in principle on all the key elements,” Sefcovic said, adding that further details of the agreement would be discussed on Friday. According to Ukrainian Energy Minister Oleksiy Orzhel, the new five-year gas agreement also provides for the possibility of extending the agreement for a further 10-year period. “Ukraine`s priority is to sign a long-term agreement with certain volumes of gas transport in order to ensure the stability of European energy markets and lower prices for end consumers,” Ukraine`s energy ministry said in a statement this week. . Gazprom is the leading gas exporter on the European market. The United States strongly opposes the plan to send natural gas more than 1,200 kilometres from Russia to Germany by crossing the Baltic Sea.